Tips for Preparing for a Home Addition in Needham

Category: Home Additions

Home Addition in NeedhamOne of the best things that you can do to increase the functionality of your Needham home is to add an addition. This can take the form of a new bedroom, bathroom, patio, laundry room or even family room. Depending on the addition you build, it can significantly add to the value of your Needham home. Before you call your Needham contractor, however, there are a few things that you need to have figured out.

  1. Create a budget and financial plan. In completing this step, you need to identify the materials needed and their price. If you are hiring a Needham professional, you can ask for their quotes. Don’t be afraid to haggle with them if you find their prices to be expensive, they may come down a little if they realize you are trying to stick to a budget. Alternatively, they may have suggestions to help you achieve what you want within your budget.
  2. Know how to finance your budget. Realize that things crop up during construction, so there may be unexpected additional costs. Know how you are going to cover initial expenses and the expenses that might come with the job. If you plan on taking out some sort of loan, secure it first– you don’t want to run out of money with a half-finished project sitting out in the rain.
  3. Consider which permits you may need. Contact your Needham permit office to find out what kind of building permits you may need to complete your project. You might have to also look into Needham zoning laws to see if any are applicable to your property.
  4. Prepare your family for the addition. During construction time, family living space and family activities may be disrupted. You may have to restrict certain areas of the house for safety purposes, especially if you have children. Arrange for any relocation of activities or living space now so that you aren’t put out by construction.


With these tips in mind, adding an addition to your Needham home can be easy and smooth. Don’t hesitate to ask your Needham contractor for more tips on how to prepare for adding an addition– he or she may know a few local tricks to help you out.

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