Tips & Ideas For Home Additions In Boston

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Home Additions in BostonAdding on to your Boston home can help you improve the property, add functional living space, and add value to your home. But what’s best of all, a home addition means you have more space to enjoy so you can live a better quality of life without having to move the whole household to get it.

Not having enough space can be incredibly frustrating. It can make you really cramped to where you consider moving to a larger home. Instead, a home addition can completely change the way you feel about your home, especially since it is custom designed just for you.

The design should take a number of factors into consideration such as how the room needs to function, where it can be located, and what custom features you want. Here are some tips and ideas for your home addition in Boston from our pros at Hillcrest Development that can help you make plans.

Room Additions Which Incorporate Useless Space

If you have small spaces that seem useless in your home, why not use them as borrowed space for a room addition? For instance, you may have a small laundry area that sits on an outside wall where additional space can be added on to create a wonderful laundry room for you and your family.

Or, you may want to add more space to a tiny kitchen area which will make your kitchen life astoundingly different for you and your family. Imagine small areas of your Boston home as opportunities to add to the functional space you need!

Master Bedroom Suite Additions

Many homes have master bedrooms that seem like a regular bedroom. A master bedroom should have plenty of space, a nice walk-in closet, and a big bathroom.

Have you considered adding on a master bedroom suite to your home? If so, you’ll be able to use it for whatever you need, whether it’s as an extra guest bedroom or as a new master bedroom suite.

Adding on gives you that extra area for a new bedroom that can make a significant difference in your home’s value.

Sunroom Additions

Sunrooms are really great in Boston because the weather conditions just don’t matter. You get the beautiful view from the windows without having to be directly outdoors. Windows can be opened during the nice time of year for a gentle breeze, or they can be shut against the weather.

A sunroom addition is a perfect place to enjoy spending time with friends and family. They provide extra space when you have a lot of guests, or just quiet space for you when you need some time to get away from it all. Think about having some built-in custom storage to house books or your favorite collectibles. Some people also like to have a mini-bar constructed, especially if there’s an outdoor living area or patio just beyond the sunroom.

Room Additions Design

The design consultants at Hillcrest Development are ready to show you many ways in which we can transform your Boston home with a room addition. Designing a plan is the first step where we help you figure out what you need and the best way to go about constructing it for you.

Our goal is to develop your needs, wants, and goals by constructing an extensively functional and attractive space for you and your family. Professional design is an important first step for any remodeling project.

Our Room Additions are planned to perfection with all aspects of the addition managed appropriately. We provide you with permitting and architectural services to ensure that the room addition planning and construction are managed and completed beyond your expectations. If your Boston home can be added onto, you’ll be enjoying your new space in no time at all when you count on our home building professionals at Hillcrest Development!

Whether you go up or outward, our team at Hillcrest Development can show you some great options in home addition designs for your Boston home. Call for a free design consultation at the number below and let us work with you on your room addition project!

If you would like to learn more about Home Additions in Boston, please call Hillcrest Development at 508.574.7474 or complete our online request form.