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Needham Home AdditionsIn the current uncertain economy, many people who would normally upsize their home will instead add on to the one in which they live. Home additions in Needham have a number of advantages over changing completely, included added comfort as well as increased resale value for when you do in fact decide to move elsewhere.

If you are still on the fence about whether to add or not to add, consider what your Needham home may benefit most from. Obviously there are plenty of different choices, but a few popular examples include;

Adding a bathroom: There are few things more strenuous than trying to get everyone out the door at the same time in the morning, and by adding a bathroom that time can be reduced exponentially. In terms of resale value, it is one of the first things people look for in the listing, the bed/bath count. Be it another master-bathroom or even half-bath, it is an attractive sale point and adds a more comfortable dimension to the home. Any contractor would happily take on and care for a bath/half bath job.

Adding an outdoor space such as a deck or porch is a very common addition to any home, and has a more enlarging and homely effect than any other addition made to the home. Entertaining friends and family in the warmer months without a porch or deck is no fun, as there is no comparison to cookouts on the deck and fresh squeezed lemonades on warm summer evenings with the family on the screened in porch. For a taste of the outdoors, and a positive effect on property value, an attached outdoor addition to your castle it the way to go.

If you are a socialite who enjoys entertaining company, or a family man with children who need a space to hang out and keep their toys so they are not strewn about your living room, a Needham game or recreational room may be the correct route. Few things are more appealing than being invited over to shoot a game of pool, or ping-pong while listening to favorite old tunes on a juke-box. Why not get closer to your neighbors and entertain friends and yourself with a few timeless games. Children will enjoy the extra space, and games like air hockey and pinball are something people of any age love.

There are as many options as your imagination holds for what you can do with space added onto your home; the few mentioned are simply popular ideas. If you decide yes, the next step is taken easily by calling or going online to speak to a representative standing by waiting to give you an estimate on your next endeavor.


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