3 Great Tips For Home Additions In Needham

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Home AdditionIf you know you need more space but aren’t sure what to do about it, adding an addition to the home could be what you need. Planning construction on the home requires a lot of thought and planning.

Have you determined what you need more space for? Have you found the right construction company to handle your Needham home addition project? There are going to be many aspects details involved before the work ever begins.

Hillcrest Development is a premier home builder who has handled many home additions in Needham and other areas of Massachusetts. Here are some tips from our professionals to keep in mind when planning yours.

Need A Bigger Kitchen? Build An Addition

Building an addition to a home adds living space for whatever the owners desire to use it for. Many floorplans can be redesigned to add not only family space but a bigger kitchen as well.

Having enough space in the kitchen is ideal for families of all sizes. If you’re single, would it be nice to have space to play poker with the friends and enjoy some beverages and snacks that are right there? Having enough countertop space gives you the option to spread out a buffet or barbecue feast. Thinking about future needs is important, so what do you plan to do with a bigger kitchen?

Make Sure You Choose A Local Construction Company Who Handles The Permitting

Home additions will require permitting from local authorities. A local construction company should handle the permit applications and build according to building code requirements that pass inspection.

In order to build according to all local building codes, the construction contractor needs to know what they are. A local, reputable company is best because they know what the requirements are and will see to it that all work complies as the project unfolds and that inspections are done during various stages of the work.

Building code requirements ensure the homeowner is protected against sub-grade materials and construction. Don’t ever start a home addition with someone who isn’t qualified or you could suffer later.

Build Up, Not Out, With A Second Story Home Addition

Building up could be the perfect plan if there are problems with building out. Some Needham residential lots don’t have the space or topography to effectively build out for an addition.

Many homeowners don’t build an entire second story but build over the garage and raise certain portions of the ceiling areas on the lower level. Yet some do choose a full second story complete with a new addition on the lower level.

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