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Basement design ideas can be found in abundance by conducting a simple search on the Internet.  It certainly makes sense to convert your basement into some useable living space.  Why let any space in your new Brighton home go to waste?  There can be problems with basements, however, so you will need to conduct a thorough inspection of the area before you embark on any design plans.  You will also need to ensure that you use waterproofing to keep the moisture and smells under control.
Some design ideas include adding a bathroom to your Brighton basement, adding a bar, or creating a den.  An interesting remodeling idea is to turn your basement into a separate apartment area.  This might be a particularly good idea for you if you want a very large basement, and you think that you might want or need to rent part of your home out for some extra income. 
As you consider different ideas for your Brighton building project, think about things such as what type of flooring you would like to have and what kind of work that you want done on your walls.  Also think about lighting, as most basements do not have much natural lighting, and very little artificial lighting.  Depending on what you decide to do with your basement, you may find that it will cost you quite a bit to install sufficient lights.  It is a worthwhile investment, however, and will likely be essential to suit the needs of your newly remodeled space!

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